"Invincible" EP Available Now


If you don’t know who “Shayne” is, here is a brief introduction. She’s an accomplished writer, rocker, and redhead, and she’s got a few small plans to take the world by storm. When she was eighteen, she was successful in her endeavor to get her first feature film financed, produced, and distributed to major movie theater chains and then to DVD around the country (with a lot of help, of course)! The first three installments of her vampire romance novel series, Of Light and Darkness, are bestselling titles on Amazon, the first installment (The Vampire’s Daughter) having reached the Amazon Top 100! Aside from film and books, Shayne also really likes rock & roll music and was signed to Spectra Music Group last year. She’s now released her debut EP “Invincible”, which has achieved airplay on commercial, college, and internet radio and has also charted high on several European rock charts…Billboard is next!

Shayne has also announced her first tour, partnering up with How To Be A Redhead (featured on The Today Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Shape Magazine, ABC News, The New York Times, etc.) Shayne will join their “Rock It Like A Redhead” tour and will travel to Austin, Nashville, Chicago, Seattle, and New York! Dates and venue information posted here and www.rockitlikearedhead.com

Another musical project she’s working on, is a collaborative effort called “Remember: Unite to End Bullying” and also features Quinton Aaron from The Blind Side,Β and several artists from NBC’s hit talent show, The Voice.

Cool, right? Vampires, rock and roll, and a chick with a cause!


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